Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy St. Patrick's Day

The leprechauns were here!

Sadly, the boys didn't catch any. One trap -- the fancy, leprechaun-hat themed one -- was found in the garbage. The rest were found hanging from light fixtures. And despite the boy's determination, by the time they got up last night, butterfly nets in hand, prepared to capture any unruly leprechauns, the little buggers had already been here.

What a hungry bunch! They took the boys' bait (a mixture of Lucky Charms and broken crayons) and tried cooking it on the stove.
They emptied my kitchen cupboard, leaving only a few oat bits and marshmallows behind.

Any guess where the contents of my cupboard went?

And that rice box from yesterday? Well, let's just say the leprechauns like playing with toy trucks and machines too!

At least they left behind some gold (covered) chocolate coins!


  1. i am so glad that i discovered a way to celebrate st patricks day-- we too have had leprechauns runing around-- we decorated treasure boxes tonight that the leprechauns should fill and hide for the kids to discover in the morning

  2. Well, at least they left some kind of goodie behind. :)