Friday, July 31, 2009

Bat Boys (or, How My Eight-Year-Old Saved my Life)

I was just minding my own business last night, quietly catching up on some work on the computer, when I noticed it.

Scratch that. I didn't notice *it* first. I noticed the cats.

We have three cats, and two of them were acting mighty strange. They were thumping around the dining room like they were chasing something. A mouse, I thought. It had happened before and probably will happen again.

Then I noticed that the cats were looking up. Ah, I thought, a fly.

But something just didn't seem right. Flies are usually a momentary diversion, and the cats were intense. So I looked up -- and saw a bat flying laps around my dining room ceiling. I was not happy.

After pondering my alternatives, I made what I now consider a genius decision: I called my eight-year-old.

He was sleeping over at the neighbor's house, and when I explained the situation, the boys were more than happy to come home to help. They arrived with butterfly nets in hand.

The bad news is that by the time the boys got here, the bat was nowhere to be seen. They traipsed through the house, looking for said bat, but came up empty handed. (Or is that empty netted?)

Knowing that bats like to hang up high, I suggested they check the curtains. They did -- and found the bat hanging in my bedroom. We promptly closed the door.

Then I went to lay with Boy #4 (who was still awake) in his room (with the door closed!) while Boy #3 and his friend voluntarily entered the room with the bat.

The sounds of their efforts were precious. The boys laughed, plotted, planned and goaded each other on. Clearly, they were enjoying their mission and role as my rescuer.

And you know what? They caught the bat! Fifteen minutes, two butterfly nets and one fishing net later, they released the bat, unharmed, in the backyard. This morning, both were still glowing from the excitement of their adventure.

Lesson learned: If you have brave, adventurous boys around the house, take advantage!


  1. That's an awesome story! Can't wait till my little boy is old enough to come to my rescue - and the rescue of his 3 older sisters :)

  2. How old is your son, Tammy? And you never know -- one of your girls may turn out to be your "bat girl." :) My 8-yr-old was the perfect choice b/c he's been into catching critters as long as I can remember (hence, the butterfly nets).