Wednesday, July 15, 2009

I'm a Ripe Tomato

Meet my latest (OK, my 2nd) blogging award: Blog Salad's Ripe Tomato Award, presented by the generous, talented man otherwise known as Ron Doyle.

If you've been around awhile, you probably remember Ron's hilarious guest post during the May blogathon. (Does a hairy Tom Selleck ring a bell?) If not, you need to go check out his stuff. Immediately. Ron's an incredible writer.

Apparently, he thinks I'm not so bad either. Blogging 'Bout Boys was one of 15 blogs to win the Ripe Tomato award, which recognizes "fifteen of the greatest blogs ever written on bicycling, parenting, technology, frugal living and freelance writing." I know that's only Ron's opinion, but hey -- I already told you the man's a genius!

According to Ron, "there’s a social poignancy beneath Fink's blog—it chronicles the developmental stages of the dominant world of men—and her attempts to raise them differently than generations past."

I'm honored. But I'd like to say that this blog is bigger than just me. This blog is a community of concerned parents, helping each other raise boys to become responsible, fulfilled men. This blog is a community of citizens who know that our country can do better for its boys. This blog is a place where we share information and experiences, in hopes of changing the world for the better a little bit each day.

This is a place where we're silly and serious -- but beneath it all lies a deep undercurrent of love for our boys.


  1. congrats on this award - i just came across your blog because we have the same first and last name!

  2. Congrats, Jenny! I'm also a Ron fan...


  3. Congratulations! You and your blog are well deserving of this award :D