Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Helpful Blogs for Parents of Boys

There are 250 blogs participating in this year's blogathon! In 2009 -- the first year I participated in the blogathon -- there were less than 30.

That year, I ran a full list of participating bloggers. This year, I'm going to suggest some blogs that you might enjoy:

Amanda SteinhausMs. Panda’s Blog, Poetry, children’s stories, playwriting and more. Last year, she posted My 5 Favorite Children's Picture Books.

 Anna MurphyMurphy Baby, Wife and mama to baby Ronan. Recorded words because I never want to forget what this feels like.Anna is mama to a baby boy, and she'll remind you of that sweet first year all over again.

Cariann McCreadyUnionvale Mom’s Spot, Rural life with family, food, crafts and books. She's a homeschool mom of two boys!

Claudia NeelySocial Skills Success, Teaching parents of special needs teens, pre-teens and young adults how to mainstream their kids into successful peer groups and more. Claudia specializes in dealing with kids who have ADHD, Autism Spectrum Disorders, Anxiety Disorders and Obsessive Compulsive Disorders.

DaniellePorridge Report, Digital doses for the modern family as seen by a distracted mother and writer. Today's post is about how to make slime!

Debbie KaplanFrisco Kids, Your guide to kid-friendly events and trips around the San Francisco Bay area. If you live in or near -- or if you plan to visit -- San Fran, you'll love this blog.

Doña Bumgarner - Aubergine, Musings of a midlife mama. Today's post is about rest. What parent of boys doesn't need rest? ;)

Jackie DishnerBike with Jackie, Your guide to inspiration, encouragement, quirky stories, laughs and life-changing adventures. Jackie blogs all about self-improvement, and she's not afraid to share her struggles either.

 Jan Udlock – Imperfect Mom, Professional writer, parenting expert, mom of five. Jan's a homeschooling mom of five. Two years ago, she wrote a guest post for Blogging 'Bout Boys during the blogathon.

Jenni Derryberry MannMamahhh, Navigating the labyrinth of motherhood one breath at a time. She has happy birth stories!

Jennifer Patrick - Still Living the Dream, Raising two young kids in my 40s. Jennifer won an award for her rock-star costume at her daughter's recent piano recital -- except she wasn't wearing a costume!

Kate ReillyPolkadot Suitcase, Finding fun through creative living. Kate's a homeschool mom of two boys. She's also written some amazing, hands-on learning books.

Katy ManckBooks YA Love, Recommending young adult books beyond the bestsellers. Need help finding your teens something to read? Look here!

Kirsten OgePuppy Paws and Dirty Noses, First time mom and housewife. Kirsten has an adorable 4-month-old son -- and blog title that just screams "boy!"

Leah IngramSuddenly Frugal, How to live more on less money. Leah always has some great tips.

Liz SheffieldMotherlogue, A mother talks about mothering, writing and life. Check out her post about Facebook and parenting.

Sandra HumeLittle House Travel, Everything Little House fans and their families should know about traveling to places Laura Ingalls Wilder called home. Plan a trip?

Sarah E. LudwigParenting by Trial and Error, The learning curve in raising kids. During my first blogathon, Sarah wrote a  guest post about the mysteries of raising boys.

Stephanie VozzaFive Minute Mom’s Club, Simplify, simplify, simplify. Then organize. Stephanie has a husband, two boys, two dogs -- and some tips to help you manage your life.

Tere ScottTeachable Scotts Tots Homeschool, Parenting and homeschooling; and Elephant Ears Learning, Homeschooling resources and tips.

Want more? The full list of 2012 Blogathon participants is here.


  1. Great list, Jenny. Thanks for including my blog. ;-) I had no idea there were that many mom bloggers participating. You gave me an idea for an upcoming post, too. Thanks twice!

  2. You know, I just realized that I don't know of any blogs where moms have older kids, like me. It's almost as if once the kids are adult, they cease to be bloggable. Hmm....

  3. Hey Jennifer!
    Thanks for including my blog on your list and visiting Still Living The Dream! I'm glad to be participating in the blogathon for the first time this year with such great folks like you! Reading along your sidebar, I see a lot of topics that you've written about that apply to me and my 10-year-old son. So glad to "meet" you!