Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Online Resources

Remember life before the Internet? We had to go to the library to look up magazine articles in periodical guides, then wade through stacks of magazines in a back room if we needed information for a school report. Martin Luther King Jr's famous "I Had a Dream" speech was something we learned about in school, from a textbook.

Now, millions of articles about millions of topics are available all the time. My children, decades younger than I, can watch Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and see his oratorical skills in action. I can sit in my basement and collaborate with editors on both coasts. My son can learn about real-time fishing conditions . We watch snowstorms roll in and anticipate snowdays before the first flake falls.

The Internet -- as any homeschooling parent will tell you -- is a fantastic learning tool. That's why I'm so pleased to announce Blogging 'Bout Boys' inclusion on a 100 Excellent Online Resources list!

Whether you homeschool or not, 100 Excellent Online Resources for Christian Homeschoolers is a fabulous resource. Everything is there, from math to art to writing resources. There are even links to educational podcasts about astronomy, history and more.

What are some of your favorite online resources?


  1. Though capable of education, anything with a screen (TV, computer, cell phone) is an entertainment portal.

    Educating a kid via a screen is a losing battle.

  2. Holy smokes, what a great list! Thanks, Jennifer.

    It's interesting that our local school system uses a lot of computer interface to teach kids, too. It makes sense -- that's what we adults are predominantly using in our jobs, as well. Computer skills are absolutely a must-have skill for our kids. This list is a fabulous jumping off point. Thanks again!

  3. Remember microfiche?? I can remember my teachers telling us that if we couldn't master that, then we'd never be able to make it through college. And I can remember my college computer prof. telling us that if we couldn't master DOS, we'd never be gainfully employed in the coming millenium.

    Boy how times have changed!