Thursday, January 29, 2009

Another Thing to Consider...

when naming your sons.

A new study has found that boys with unpopular names are more likely commit crimes than boys with popular names.

True, the idea that a name can have lifelong implications is not new. But the idea that these study results should be used to "identify individuals at high risk of committing or recommitting crime, leading to more effective and targeted intervention programs" (so say the researchers) is completely disturbing. Isn't that profiling? Expecting the absolute worst of someone based on an absolute intangible, something he has no control over?

I vote for strengthening families, fighting poverty and building communities instead.


  1. Maybe it shows a prenatal bad relationship, that a parent would name a child something embarrassing or irritating. The child didn't have control over it, but the parents had complete control.

    Being partners with a child the from the day he's born ought to guarantee him a sweet, good, thoughtful, generous name.

  2. Very interesting thought, Sandra, esp. when you consider all the research coming out now that shows how the prenatal environment affects the child -- everything from diet and disease to stress and even experiences of the parent.