Friday, January 16, 2009

Boys ARE Different

Lightsabers are the big thing in our house today. It's 20 below zero and the boys got new lightsabers yesterday, so why not? One boy is in a Jedi costume, another is Darth Vader and the click of lightsabers smashing together has been rattling my head all day.

On the one hand, lightsabers seem like a crazy invention: Plastic swords practically scream, "Hit each other!" On the other hand, that's their genius: Can you think of a toy more likely to appeal to boys? A lightsaber is a chance to test your limits, to be physical, and yes, to swing things in the house.

Swinging a lightsaber around might not seem like a sanctioned homeschool activity, but look a litle closer. The boys are imagining. They're telling stories in their head. They're learning to work together, and how to resolve differences. They're learning to share and take turns and consider other people's wants and needs. And they're burning energy. All day long, the boys have been on the move.

And if you know anything about boys, you know they don't often sit still.

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