Tuesday, May 5, 2009

A Question for You

What kinds of things are you curious about regarding your boys? Do you have questions regarding their health and safety? Development? Education? Emotional well-being?

Since I'm going to be posting a lot this month, I'd like to know what topics interest you.

Also, do you have any book suggestions for a reader who's teaching a class of 4th grade boys who are cognitively at about a 1st grade level? She reads aloud to them, but has a hard time finding books that appeal to the boys.


  1. I can think of lots of books that might appeal to cognitive 1st Graders, but a lot depends on the particular background and interest of these boys. For example, nature lovers might like My Side of the Mountain. Other options: Wayside School, Captain Underpants, and Lightening Thief.

    Take a look at my 9yo son's Librarything Reviews for more suggestions: http://spedr.com/caon

    By the way, are you familiar with the Shaping Youth blog? Amy Jussel writes about youth empowerment, and she's been looking into boy's media literacy issues. See http://spedr.com/3iygu

  2. Thanks for the suggestions and links, Sandra. I particularly liked your son's list. We've read a lot of those too (the Millions books, My Side of the Mountain, Mrs. Frisby, getting ready to start Captain Underpants), but I've bookmarked the list, 'cause I know we'll refer to it again.

  3. I am interested in how a man emotions are more fenemine then the woman he's with. I know a relationship like that and they have trouble coping.

  4. thanks so much! i tried mrs. frisby, and it wasn't doing a thing for them! been reading for 2 days, and haven't gotten through the first chapter yet! will check out the list, and i will definitely look at that shaping youth blog. thank you for some great suggestions! and thanks, jen, for putting my plea out there!