Sunday, May 31, 2009

Snapshot Sunday: Brotherly Love

That's the sight I saw out my window the other day: Boy #2 helping Boy#3 ride his bike. See, it's not all just fighting around here.

That photo, BTW, is also the current Random Bike Photo at BIKE with Jackie, one of the amazing blogs participating in the May Blogathon. If you have any interesting bike photos, go ahead and send them to Jackie. She'd love to post them.

And speaking of the is the last day. You'll still be hearing from my blogathon buddies, though. I made some good friends and connections and plan to continue sharing guest posts with some outstanding writers and thinkers.

Tomorrow there will be a Blogathon Wrap-Up Party on Twitter. Time: 8:30 am Pacific, lasting approximately half an hour. Blogathoners from around the country will be gathering to discuss questions such as, "What new things did you learn about blogging?" and "What blogging tool or resource did you discover?"

If you're at all interested in blogging -- or just want to hear what a great bunch of writers have to say about the topic -- stop in. Look for the #MayBlog2 hashtag.

Unfortunately, I won't be there. I'll be taking Boy #1 to the orthodontist.

Oops -- Turns out, that's #2 with #4. I realized my mistake as soon as I stepped away from the computer. But like I told my sister-in-law: I'm forever getting their real names mixed up too. :)


  1. Dang it! I knew you were going to catch that! I posted the blog, went upstairs to head out with the family and suddenly realized I'd written "Boy #2 with Boy #3" when it's really 2 and 4. And this is the first I've gotten to the computer since then.

    Oh well. I get their real names mixed up all the time too. :)

  2. So boy #4 wasn't too traumatized after you flung him down a steep hill and made him wipe out. Maybe it's the scarring that gets you confused with boy #3.

  3. Actually, this picture was before The Fall. Look closely -- no training wheels on the bike. That's why #2 had to help him. Then we talked Daddy into putting the training wheels on so he could ride independently. And since he was doing so great, Mommy said, "Sure, you can ride with us." And the rest, as they say, is history.