Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Webb of Science

I don't know about you, but my boys love science.

It could be because they have a former nurse for a mother and an engineer for a father -- I guess we both show a natural inclination to the sciences -- but I think it's simply because science is interesting and just plain fun.

Chasing frogs? Science. Fishing? Science. Wondering the weather? Science. Watching salt crystals grow? More science. (And more on this one later. We've had an interesting experiment on our kitchen counter for months.)

One of the wonders of the current May blogathon is that I've discovered some amazing and incredibly fun blogs. Where else would I have found this?

That, my friends, is from Webb of Science, a great blog from scientist-turned-writer Sarah Webb. Check it out! The laughing rats are a hoot!


  1. It's so great of you to feature my blog!!


  2. I agree on all counts, Jennifer -- science is way too fun for its own good, a perfect match for curious kids and their geeky parents (that description is aimed at me, no offense intended to anyone who is offended). And Sarah's blog is what mine wants to be when it grows up!