Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Time for a Hug

I'm not from a particularly huggy family. We don't hug every time we say hi and we rarely hug when we say good-bye. It's more like a, "Hey, good to see ya." The affection is there, but understated, understood.

And yet hugs have a way of making things better when nothing else can.

This morning, when I was feeling overwhelmed by all I had to do, Boy #1 came up and gave me a hug -- wordlessly, silently -- and my day was better.

Tonight, after a bedtime battle that lasted over an hour-and-a-half, Boy #4 sat sobbing in his bed as I lay on the floor beside him. Something in my Mommy-heart spoke to me, and I sat up and wrapped him in my arms. He cried into my shoulders (both of them; he's very European that way) and whispered, "I'm sorry" before settling quietly into sleep. I'm convinced he'd still be crying if I hadn't taken a moment to hug my son.

This Thanksgiving, hug the boys in your life. Yes, they drive you crazy sometimes, and yes, they may try to shrug away when you approach with open arms. But your boys love you too, and a hug says more than words ever will.


  1. I am so huggie and my family is huggie and just the other day Greg was commenting on how hugging random strangers ( not my family but friends and what not) was a new concept to him...but hugs can change a day a night a moment! They warm the heart and make a difference!


    Happy Thanksgiving we love and miss you guys!

  2. I am not a natural hugger, but a friend of mine challenged me to hug her more, which has turned out to be incredibly funny! Oh, and I do love my boy hugs. I don't seem to be as reluctant to hug my boys as I am other people in general!