Monday, July 27, 2009

Good Grooming = Good Grades?

Well-groomed boys get better grades.

That's the result of a new study that examined the relationship between students' personality, attractiveness, grooming and grades. Yet another reason to be glad my boys have short hair! Just wake up and go.

Unless, of course, good grooming also means matching clothes and washed faces. I can't always guarantee either one. Most of the time, I'm just happy they get themselves dressed; I couldn't care less about what they're actually wearing. And as for faces...well, let's just say I try to make sure they have clean faces (and hands) before heading out in public. The key word there is "try." I do not always succeed.

Before you start screaming foul, though, note that even the researchers of the study realize that this may be a chicken-and-egg question. More research will be needed, it seems, to determine whether well-organized boys -- who get good grades -- are more likely to comb their hair.

I wonder what Einstein would have to say about this?


  1. Great post. Where do you come up with so many fabulous ideas to talk about, regarding boys?
    My boys used to be well groomed when little, and I had control over the comb. Thankfully when they hit puberty, two of them, like to smell good. The middle son, is clean enough, but doesn't care about AXE deodorant, the way the other two seem to.

  2. My youngest just had a foot of long curls cut off his head. He was reading at 4. When the grownups in his life go on and on about his new hair cut, he says "It's just hair!" Then again, my kids doen't get grades.

    Einstein would have given a raspberry to the study!

  3. Elizabeth -- I agree with your son; it's just hair. As long as he's happy with it, who cares?

    Thanks, Gutsy Writer. As for the'd be suprised how much boy news is out there, once you start looking for it. ;)