Sunday, July 19, 2009

Snapshot Sunday: Metamorphosis

I could get all symbolic on you. But those two green things hanging down from the twigs are monarch caterpillar chrysalises. Son #1 and I found the first caterpillar on our hike a week ago; Son #3 brought home the second one the next day. Both pupated on Friday. Incredible! We've seen this process before (Boy #2 went through a two-year butterfly phase a few years ago), but never like this. This time, we literally sat and watched as the second caterpillar formed its hard, pale green pupa and shed its caterpillar skin for the very last time.

Now, we wait anxiously for the emergence of our monarch butterflies -- and for our third caterpillar, hidden under a milkweed leaf, to grow, change and fly like with others.

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