Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Top 10 Signs You Might Be a Boy Mom

10. You're as excited as your boys are when a bouncy ball rolls into the street -- and is promptly exploded in two by an oncoming car

9. You've had bugs (or reptiles) on your kitchen counter

8. Your laundry piles are predominantly "dark"

7. You know what a skid loader, backhoe and bulldozer are

6. Your bathtub resembles a beach at low tide after the children bathe

5. You laugh at bathroom humor

4. You've ever utttered the words "point down!" while potty training

3. You no longer freak out (completely) when you see your children waving sticks at each other

2. You have at least two of the following toys in your house right now: Legos, blocks, plastic dinosaurs, trucks, light sabers

1. You know there's absolutely nothing in the world like little boy hugs (except, maybe, big boy hugs)


  1. Very funny, and right on target. I have to admit that I still try to refrain from laughing at the bathroom jokes, hoping they'll stop eventually. I probably need to lighten up and get used to it!

  2. I'm still working on not freaking out when they play with sticks! Once my almost 2 yo can defend himself, I'll feel better about it!

  3. My older son caught and carried around a snake just yesterday! I threw out (of the house) at least 3 sticks this morning. I had to clear a safe path, free of lego pieces, from the boys bed to the bathroon just an hour ago. I wiped up pee from in front of the toilet once today. I have helped my boys place chewed up gum in the road and watched to see if oncoming cars would get it stuck to their tires. And for my grand finale, my younger son likes none other than Ms. Frizzle explaining the finer points of electricity for a relaxing bedtime story.

    Funny stuff!!

  4. LOL! Too true. I have all of those toys currently, though have temporarily banned light sabers because the violence was too intense. Little boy hugs are super special!

  5. My son likes nothing better than to give me a big hug and then yell gleefully, "You have smelly boy sweat on you now!"

  6. I love it! All of your responses made me smile at the craziness that is my life.

  7. Great post!

    My husband has expressed surprise recently at my new-found appreciation of certain potty humor. My boys are 9 and 12 and it's taken this long but they've finally broken me in.

  8. Thanks, Ali. I just found myself laughing this afternoon when my 3-yr-old pointed at Daddy and said, "You stink! You pooped your paa-aants, you pooped you paaa-ants!"