Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Advanced Playdate Etiquette

Playdate (n.) -- 1. A scheduled opportunity for two or more children to play together
2. A chance to relax and unwind while your child destroys another home
3. An anxiety-provoking event for both host and visitor parents

If you're a modern parent, you already know all about playdates, from the drama that sometimes surrounds them ("No!!!!!!! I don't WANT to share my tractor!") to the tricky ritual of reciprocating playdates.

But this article caught my eye. Written by fellow parenting writer Teri Cettina, the article details playdate etiquette for older kids. And while much of it is common sense respect stuff, some of it is stuff I should probably review with my own boys. Again and again.

I mean, I shouldn't have say "Don't be a snack hound," but when presented with a tray full of goodies, I know that my boys have a tendency to forget that social propriety means taking one or two and then coming back for seconds later.

How 'bout you? What playdate advice do you have to share?

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