Wednesday, April 1, 2009

April Fools Day

If there ever was a holiday created for boys, this is it. I mean, what boy doesn't like silly, goofy fun -- or an excuse to pull pranks on his brothers?

My boys have been at it all day. Son #1 put hot sauce in Son #3's water glass. Son #2 was going to dump water all over Son #1 as he slept, but Mom caught him as he was tiptoeing up the stairs. Instead, he pulled what I think it the best prank of the day (so far).

He filled an old Mountain Dew bottle with bubble solution and placed it on his brother's dresser, along with a typed note:

"I got you this Mountain Dew so you can stay up and at 'em on April Fools Day. If you're wondering why I put it here, I knew your brothers would get jealous.
Love, Dad
P.S. Hope you don't mind I took a little slug"

So far, I haven't pulled any pranks of my own. But if you're looking for a little inspiration, head over to Family Fun.

My all-time favorite prank, pulled a few years ago, will long be remembered. I got the idea from Quick Cooking Magazine. It was an April Fools Day dinner, featuring meatloaf that was actually decorated to look like a layer cake (mashed potatoes served as the frosting) and taco cups that were really ice cream sundaes in disguise. Oh, and we have special, undrinkable berry sodas as well (think jello in a glass).

Problem is, that's a hard prank to top!

How 'bout you? I'd love to hear about some of the April Fools high-jinks at your home!

P.S. Thanks to Mandie at Life in the Craft Lane. She designed the royal jester you see above!


  1. My dh has a prank that he has done for the past 4yr and until this yr, we've always fallen for it. He put elastic bands on the kitchen sprayer and then waits for the call at work. First yr ds got sprayed, then later on mom did(forgot to undo the elastic bands). Ever since mom always seems to be the victim.

  2. Karie,
    This is the first year someone at my house HASN'T done the sprayer prank! I'm considering that a sign of progress...

  3. Oddly enough, as we tend to mess with each other all year long, this is the *one* day that we never do anything to each other.

    I love that Mt. Dew with the note prank, though :D