Saturday, May 22, 2010


"You have such nice boys."

We spent the day with extended family -- many of whom we haven't seen a long time -- and by and large, almost everyone had something good to say about my boys.

"Your boys are so well-behaved."

Now I realize that my relatives may have been making nice. And I'm fully aware that very, very few people are going to come up to me and say directly, "Your kids are scallywags!" All the same, it was nice to hear good things about my boys.

What's the nicest compliment anyone has given you about your sons?


  1. We had a deal with our kids that if they got a compliment on their behavior (& that did not include a compliment on their appearance), they got to go out for ice cream. A big deal at our house. To me a compliment on being well behaved meant they were being kind to their siblings and respectful to adults all at the same time. You can't ask for anything better.

    As the mom, you should be proud.

  2. "Your boys are a breath of fresh air," said to me by a mom whose own active son goes to school and endures labeling, teasing and punishment for being who he is.

  3. "I think your son is a wonderful role-model for my 5 year old."

  4. @Andrea Bond -- I once called my neighbor to tell her virtually the same thing about her son. Her son, at the time, was about 11. Mine was 5. And it was so great that I could look out in the yard and see them playing together and not have to worry at all about what kind of "bad thing" my son might be picking up for her older boy.

    What a compliment to your son!