Friday, May 21, 2010

Life with Boys

Am I the only boy-mom who doesn't swoon at the sight of little girls clothes?

I know quite a few moms of boys who wish they'd had a daughter -- not because they yearn for the mother-daughter bond but because they dreamed of dressing a little girl in cute frilly dresses. Like this mom.

When I walk through a mall, though, and see the clothing options available to today's young girls, I'm GLAD I have sons! My sons can get away with a Tshirt and jeans for almost every occasion, and I never, ever have to worry about the length of their skirts or clothing that has "Eye Candy" emblazoned across the butt. My boys are so clueless about clothing that I can place hand-me down clothes in their drawer and the boys will wear some of those hand-me downs, oh, 5 times before looking down one day and asking, "Where'd I get this shirt?"

But let's revisit the girl-clothing-swoooning mama up above. I might not share her fetish for all things pink, but I can definitely relate to her life. I haven't given my boys my wooden dollhouse, but I can totally picture my boys destroying one in less than 10 minutes. And when she talks about her son, who still calls all women "Mama" but correctly identifies cars, trucks and trains, my heart sings with recognition.

As a women, I will never quite understand my sons' predisposition toward guns and trucks and farts. As a mom, though, I'm having a great time exploring their world.


  1. I have never wanted a girl.I wanted 5 boys.
    well, 3 at first, then 5, but my husband said 3 was enough.

    mine are cluless about cllothes, too. I was looking at Ki at church, He's 13 and probably the youngest boy, but 2 others are almost as small as him. Yet Ki looks like a baby compared to them. I wondered why, then I looked at their clothes. the other 2 boys wear 'cool duds', the skinny jeans and the 'brand name cool T-shirts'. Ki wears elastic waist jogging pants that are an inch too short- b/c they have yellow stripes, and a Yellow long sleeve tight shirt. He likes tight. then his poorly knit hat, bukly, crooked and worn lopsided.(black & yellow)
    Gavin (16) will wear his younger brothers clothes (4 sizes too small) and never even notice.

  2. I'm a new reader of your blog, but I have to admit I GREATLY enjoy it. I have a 4 month old boy and I love reading about all the joys of raising a boy I have to look forward to! :-) Thanks for sharing!

  3. And just wait until the "girl-thing" happens. You will discover, as I have, that while our boys like looking at and really want to touch girls, they are really clueless about what to do beyond that. Girls wrap their complicated webs around our boys' little minds and get them so flustered. As a mom, it takes me back to my own junior high and high school days when I could never understand boys. It's quite fun to watch.

  4. I never wanted a girl, but I do like the real little girls clothes out there - like tights with tulle skirts and cute t-shirts. That's where it ends. I, too, am glad I don't have to steer my children away from "Juicy" written across their bums. I look at the way girls dress today and can't imagine going to high school in a flimsy tank top and super-mini skirt. My boys will pull any two items out of their drawer and call it an outfit.

  5. Hmmm, my girl couldn't care less about her clothes, as long as the shorts aren't too short and the shirts don't show her belly when she stretches her hands above her head. (Not always easy to find in her size, but glad she has the requirement nonetheless!)

    My boy, on the other hand, will only wear certain clothes. I refuse to shop without him because if I buy something he doesn't like, he doesn't have the heart to tell me but won't wear it. Ever.

    That would be Abby taking after me and Nolan after Dave, I guess. I wonder what Max and Ava will do??

  6. I am with you on the girl clothing thing. I am following now. Terri, mom to 4 boys.