Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Blogging 'Bout Kids and Family

Over 100 writers are taking part in this year's WordCount Blogathon. I'll post the full list soon, but today, I'm highlighting the parenting blogs.

Karen BannanNatural as Possible Mom, Because natural isn’t always possible — or easy

Danielle BuffardiHorrible Sanity, Going into the mind of a mother and freelancer

Heather FaesyBlame it on the Full Moon, My kids, writing and reading

Nancy Mann JacksonGrowing Food and Kids, Gardening, harvesting, cooking and preserving with kids in tow

Sarah E. LudwigParenting by Trial and Error, The learning curve in raising kids

Kim McNeillKim’s Play Place, An active parent trying to make sure my kids are educated

Charles NewberyPine Tree Paradise, The life of a work-at-home writer and father of three

Andrea ParkerAutism Fundraising Guide, For parents of children with autism

Kate ReillyPolka Dot Suitcase, Family fun through creative living

Melissa SaisDigital Mom, Raising kids in a digital world

Lisa SamalonisSingle Parent Savings

Michelle SmithLaw Office of Michelle R. Smith, Because it’s your life, your family and your choice

Jan UdlockImperfect Mom

Rachel VidoniEast Coast Musings, A humorous look at kids, family and life

Take a look around. Enjoy! And if you get a chance, come back here and let me know which are your favorites.


  1. thanks for posting links to 'new for me' blogs!

    I really wanted to join the blog a thon, but we're going camping for a week this month- sans computer.

  2. Hi Jennifer, this was a great idea! I will definitely steal it when I need a quick post. Thank you so much. Let's keep checking in with each other.

    Do you have a swap blogger, yet?

  3. Jan -- No swap blogger yet, but I was hoping to ask you. Are you interested?

    Kimiberly -- Camping sans computer sounds heavenly!

  4. Thanks for the mention! I love the layout of your blog.

  5. Hi Jennifer,
    I would love to switch with you. Let me try and find your email.
    Sorry, I haven't been back to your understand juggling too many balls at a time.

    PS Love, Love, Love your blog!

  6. Jenny, thanks for the mention! Honored to be in this company!