Thursday, May 6, 2010

You Know You Have Boys When... tuck your four-year-old into bed with a gun. (Yes, Boy #4 is currently cuddled up to a toy gun.)

...the same four-year-old lovingly bundles his toy skidloader after giving it a bath. read Dodge Vipers for a bedtime story.'re actually enthused when your mother announces she's coming over to drop off part of a dead snake.

Care to add to my list?


  1. You know you have boys don't even feel all the pile drives they inflict on you every time you turn your back...

  2. stop preparing dinner to shout, "No machine guns, blasters, bombs, or light sabers in the kitchen!"

    ...your seven-year-old teaches the three-year-old the words "upchuck", "barf", and "puke".

  3. dead snake??? yuck!!! glad there is somewhere to take such things ;) did sparkles eat the other part ?

  4. Let's see, when you can pull your mini-van over on the side of the highway during in a rain storm, hit the "open door" button, the boys pee out the door then get back in their seats, and you are back on your way within 3 minutes without ever unbuckling or needing an umbrella. Now that is a wonderful thing!

  5. Your bathroom seems to be painted yellow, especially on the wall behind the toilet.

    You hear "Look how big it is!" while your five year old son is taking a shower and it doesn't even make you blink.

    You all of a sudden really feel bad for Peter Brady in that voice-changing episode because you know your babies will have to deal with that too.

    You can name Thomas and all his friends.

    One of your baby's first words is "Digger" and you know he's referring to the Monster Truck Grave Digger.

    You can name all the Monster Jam trucks AND their drivers.

    Oh, there are so many!

  6. After raising 3 girls, now 1 grandson lives with us. I know this is different when you can reach in your pockets to find Legos, a Hot Wheels car, a smooth "cool" rock, and a metal washer.

  7. The dead snake is hilarious as is the cuddling of a gun. All I can think of is my Danish friend who wouldn't allow toy guns and her son would seek branches that looked like guns and make the sound effects to go with them.

  8. You know you have boys when . . .

    . . . you learn that a firecracker is stuck in your dining room electrical outlet.

    I'm not even kidding - it just happened!
    I understand that my boys just thought it would be silly to hear a loud pop when I plugged in the vacuuam. What I don't understand is why on earth my mother-in-law actually brought the firecrackers to my house in the first place. I mean, honestly, what was she thinking?!!!

  9. Great additions, all! And Tatiana, I hear you. Firecrackers??