Thursday, May 13, 2010

Creativity at Work

Ever notice how a boy's best "toy" is his imagination? Leave a boy alone with time, materials and space, and he'll find something to do. (Maybe after complaining he's bored for a half hour or so, but eventually, he'll find something to do!)

One of our two red wagons gave out a few weeks ago. After being left out in a rain, oh, 100 times too many, the wooden bottom finally gave way. Boy #2 removed the bottom and replaced it with a piece of plywood to make a racer.

That was a pretty cool invention, but nowhere near as cool as what he and his friend dreamed up today. Today, they realized that most of the original base was salvageable, the only the bottom piece was affected. So they tore out the bottom and replaced it with a different piece of wood, leaving the slightly built-up side pieces intact. They also added a spoiler on the back because, well, they're boys.

They worked for hours. They used hammers, nails, wood stain (to color the spoiler), drills (with adult supervision), nuts and bolts. And they are 100% completely satisfied with their creation. In the words of Boy #2, "Today was the best Thursday ever!"

I wanted to include pics, I really did. But my camera ran out of batteries just as I was getting ready to download -- and there are no more AA batteries in the house. That'll happen in a house of boys!

Pics -- and reflection -- to come later.

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  1. LOVE IT!!!!!!

    Not sure what mine are doing outback,but it involves water. I'm sure the'll explain when they come back in