Thursday, February 26, 2009

Most Popular Sport!

OK, parents -- help me out. According to our poll, your sons' most popular sport is "other."

Anyone care to fill me in? What other sports do your sons' enjoy?

This, BTW, is Son #2 playing softball at our annual 4-H softball game. Daddy, himself a softball fanatic, is in the background.


  1. Gymnastic Trampoline (like in the Olympics) and rock climbing are the current favorites around here. Fencing is an former favorite.

  2. My ds is not into sports. The most he has done was when our hs group had a t-ball/softball league during the summer and I made him play. His sport is being on the computer lol

  3. Gymnastic Trampoline sounds AWESOME! My boys would love to live at your house.