Monday, February 2, 2009

You Know You Have Boys When....

  • You have 2 laundry piles -- dark, and underwear
  • You spend hours watching tractors and machines on YouTube
  • Wrestling is a typical after-dinner activity
  • Your home resembles an ammo depot -- in small scale plastic, of course
  • Your couch cushions are off more than on
  • You can mark the 4 seaons by the debris on your kitchen floor: mud (Spring), sand (Summer), leaves (Autumn) and slush (Winter)

Care to add to my list??


  1. You forgot......When there is pee around the toilette! LOL

  2. What were once cardboard and duct tape creations have become piles of soggy cardboard and duct tape littering your back yard.

    you hear the question, "Do spiders poop?" from your child.

    You cannot go 10 minutes without hearing, "shpew, shpew, dush!", or some other vocal imitation of gunfire and explosion.

    You haven't seen a movie that wasn't a George Lucas production in years.