Thursday, March 26, 2009

Books for Boys

Notice how I havne't updated the poll for awhile. That's for a reason: I wanted to talk about it before we moved on!

Novels won the contest, by a hair (5 to 4, if you're keeping count.) Most of my children aren't yet independent readers, but that hasn't stopped us from sharing and enjoying novels together. Here are some of our favorites:
  • the Harry Potter series. I'm currently reading these aloud to the boys -- and let me tell you, it takes a LONG time to read a book that's over 600 pages! The good news is that I'm a huge Harry fan myself (yes, I was one of the crazy people who pre-ordered the last book and then stayed up for hours reading it), so reading these to the boys is a treat to myself as well.
  • the Fudge books, by Judy Blume. I was introduced to Fudge Hatcher in the 4th grade; my teacher, Mrs. Simon, made a habit of reading aloud to us. (That may be part of the reason I loved her so much.) Check them out: Superfudge, Double Fudge, and of course, Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing.
  • Junie B. Jones books. I know a lot of parents aren't crazy about Junie B. They don't like the way she talks and think she sets a bad example for their children. But I just find Junie B. fun. These books are simply FUN to read aloud, and even though Junie B. is a girl, she's spunky enough to appeal to most boy readers.
  • Magic Tree House books. Jack and Annie, a brother and sister pair, travel to all kinds of different lands and times in these adventurous books. A great way to sneak in a little learning! (Be sure to check out the website for a lot of fun learning activities.)

Here's another list of some novels boys might like. I read the first one here, and while I liked it a lot, take note that it's got some mature themes and language; most appropriate for older teen boys.

What are some of your boys' favorite novels?


  1. I read the Fudge books to in 4th grade exactly and my teacher used to do voices and I loved him!

    BTW The past article on the 13 year old father...I read today after a paternity test he is not the father although I'm sure the father is probably still 15 or under...interesting!

  2. The last one "Magic Tree House" is one that my ds loved.

  3. If your boys like series, some of Cody's favorites are the Percy Jackson series (we got to meet the author last year :), the Inheritence trilogy (written by a former homeschooler), and the Artemis Fowl series. The first and third are both pretty funny, and the 2nd one is a bit more series. We've done them all as audio books (own most of them, actually) and Cody listens to them over and over again.

  4. My boys are 7 and 8, and we have enjoyed series books the most, including the Guardians of Ga'Hoole, the Secrets of Droon, Deltora Quest, and we are now working on Eragon. Thanks for the other ideas!

  5. We've read the Junie B series. We're now into Magic TreeHouse but more heavily into Beast Quests. Oh and Tale of Depereaux.

    Kim, Mom to 3 boys ages 2.25-6.5