Monday, March 9, 2009

Duct Tape

My boys are duct taping each other to chairs. For fun.

Apparently, this is what they do for fun when I'm otherwise occupied. I was on the computer, doing some online banking, when I heard, "Mom, come look!"

Son #1 was completely duct taped to his chair. Son #3 was grinning. Son #2 was watching the clock. It took Son #1 less than a minute to break his bonds.

Somehow, I just can't see a group of girls playing the same game.


  1. You're right - girls wouldn't play this game. But *all* boys have a thing for duct tape! And it is a very effective threat to use against them, too! I often threaten to duct tape my son and his friends to the floor ;D

  2. you should make a video of them doing this to each other