Monday, March 2, 2009

Classic Toys

We exchanged toys today.

To prevent boredom (or at least keep it at bay), the bulk of the toys are stored in the basement while a select bunch are in active rotation upstairs. Every few months or so, we put some of the "old," now-boring toys in the basement and bring up some even-older but now-exciting toys.

To paraphrase Aragorn from the Lord of the Rings, today was that day.

Down went the plastic kitchen, the dinosaurs and the blocks. Up came the Lincoln logs, Bob the Builder machines and some random cars. In 15 minutes or so, we'd managed to perform a mini-toy overhaul.

The beauty of the toy-switch, of course, is that the boys are then happily engaged for at least half an hour. And sure enough, just before noon, I looked around the house and saw: Boy #4, above, playing with playdough and Bob the Builder. Boy #3, playing with Legos. Boy #2 was building an elaborate fort the Lincoln logs, and Boy #1 was exploring on the computer in Civilization.

And it hit me: those are all classic toys. Playdough. Lincoln Logs. Legos. Even Civilization, one of Sid Meier's famous games, is considered a classic in the world of computer gaming.

What other toys would you consider classic boy toys?


  1. A light-saber! :-)

  2. Being a Star Wars geek myself, I'll have to agree with obi mom kenobi!

    Big Wheels, Sit-n-Spin and marbles were well loved by my boy (and me, when I was a kid!)

    And to answer you photo question (btw - there are NO dumb blogging questions!) - once the pix are loaded into your post(yes, all at the top) you can then click on each one and drag it wherever you want it within that post. HTH!

  3. Light sabers, definitely! Click back to Post 1 for more: