Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The Tooth Fairy Has Landed

Son #3 just lost his very first tooth. As you can see, he's pretty happy about the whole deal!

And what's not to like? When you think about, losing a tooth is a pretty sweet deal: absolute physical evidence that you're growing up and precious treasures tucked under your pillow.

Like most kids, Son #3 was eagerly anticipating a visit from the Tooth Fairy. But did you know that there's more than one Tooth Fairy?

I didn't either, until I spoke to Sparkle the Tooth Fairy. She told me that she and her sisters, Esmeralda and Glenda, handle the United States.

"I'm the more consistent one," Sparkle said, explaining that she typically leaves a dollar or two. "Esmeralda likes to give away green socks and all kinds of odds and ends. Glenda, well, you never know what Glenda's going to give. Sometimes it's $2, sometimes it's $20!"

From the looks of things -- one crisp dollar bill, one golden dollar coin left under Son #3's pillow -- it appears that Sparkle was the one to visit our home. Which makes sense, given the fact that she's called us.

Yes, CALLED US! On the telephone.

I'd emailed Sparkle (yep: the Tooth Fairy has an email address) to let her know I needed to talk to her for an article. (It's one of the perks of the job. As a freelance writer, I've now interviewed Santa AND the Tooth Fairy.)

She called back within the hour. The only problem was that I'd popped out to the grocery store.

Son #1, 11-years-old, answered the phone. "WHO is this?" he said, and slammed down the phone.

Sparkle called back and again explained who she was and why she was calling. Son #1 was having none of it. "What are you trying to pull?" he asked -- and hung up the phone.

Sparkle had to call a THIRD time and let him know that she knew all about his brother's newly-loose tooth before he believed her. :)

Do you have any good Tooth Fairy stories to share?


  1. That is so great! A call from the tooth fairy! HOLY MOLY!!! #3 must have been elated! He looks so cute toothless:)

  2. Just checked out Sparkles website how awesome is that!!!! I am thinking I could run the west coast division of the tooth fairy business!

  3. ROFL! I'll have to check it out as well since dd just lost her first tooth and tooth #2 is well on its way.