Thursday, March 12, 2009

Win a LeapFrog Tag Reading System!

Sarah at is giving away a LeapFrog Tag Reading system. This is the system where a special pen can be used to read it aloud, or to help children decipher unfamiliar words.

It's not a replacement for parent/child reading, but I'm starting to wonder if something like this might not good for some of my very independent boys. You know, a chance to work on reading on their own, without someone looking over their shoulders.

I'm going to enter the contest. (The link is here.) Meanwhile, if you have any other ideas on helping highly independent boys learn to read, I'm all ears!

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  1. Depending on their age, we used the DVD from the library from Leap Frog. They start with how each letter sounds by the professor and Tad going room to room where each individual letter is saying its name.

    The next one has basic words being spelled. I believe their are 4 DVD's that leap frog has, but no guarantee. This is how my 5dd has learned to read. She now reads some easy 1st grade books.

    Also, is free online and it's wonderful and it's up to the child to have fun.