Tuesday, March 3, 2009

The Leprechauns are Coming!

We've turned the calendar to March, and in my house, that can only mean one thing: Leprechauns!

Each year for the past six years, leprechauns have terrorized our house the week before St. Patrick's Day. I'm talking real chaos here -- overturned couches, plastic bowls dangling from the ceiling fan and greeen toilet water. One year, they even managed to flip our kitchen table upside down!

So ever year, in an attempt to contain the chaos (and capture some leprechaun gold!), my boys construct leprechaun traps.

They spend weeks preparing. For those of you who don't know, leprechauns love to eat crayons. So the boys spend HOURS smashing crayons into bite-sized pieces, just right for leprechauns. They also insist that we purchase Lucky Charms, because apparently leprechauns are partial to Lucky Charms as well.

Then it's on to the traps. In years previous, we've always had simple box traps. But this year, we were inspired by Family Fun magazine. Apparently, we're not the only household that's invaded by leprechauns each year, because the March issue features 3 innovative leprechaun traps. That's Son #2 above, with the beginnings of his leprechaun hat trap. For directions and pictures, click here.

Then tell me: How do you celebrate St. Patrick's Day with your family?


  1. That's too cute! I love the traps, and I never knew that leprechauns loved crayons. See, you learn something new every day ;)

  2. We don't do much celebration other than eating corn beef. We used to wear something green on us, but that was when our kids were younger.
    I do love that trap idea. Let me know if it works. :)