Monday, March 30, 2009

Not as Smart as Cats

My husband and boys purchased a cheap red laser pointer this weekend. It was advertised as "fun for pets," and they imagined the cats going crazy over it. "It'll be good exercise for the cats," they told me.

Except that our cats, apparently, did not get that memo. Our cats were -- how to put this politely? -- less than interested. They glanced at the red dot and simply went about their business.

My boys, on the other hand, consider this laser pointer to be the best toy ever made. While the cats lie contentedly beneath the wood stove, Son #2 is flashing the pointer all over the house while Son #1 (the 11-yr-old) pounces all over it.

This game has been going on for 24 hours.

Someone, it seems, is getting exercise, but it's not the cats!


  1. I must get one of these! I would love for my older one to jump around while my younger one pointed the red light! What a nice change that would be!!!!

  2. I'm cracking up and so wish we could see that!

  3. ROFL as long as it gives someone exercise.

  4. This sounds exactly like something my boys would do. Tasked with wrapping the dog's holiday gifts last year, I found them instead playing some detailed hockey/strategy/conquer game with a chew toy and two tug ropes.

    Sounds like our boys would be great pals.